Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy, Critical Care and Rehabilitation
Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy, Critical Care and Rehabilitation


Volume 1, 2021

1, 2021


Original Research
In-hospital mobilization after cardiac surgery: investigation of a dose-effect of once- and twice-daily exercise on cardiac autonomic modulation Renata Gonçalves Mendes; Camila Bianca Falasco Pantoni; Rodrigo Polaquini Simões; Luciana Ditomaso-Luporini; Flávia Cristina Rossi Caruso Bonjorno; Erika Zavaglia Kabbach; Audrey Borghi-Silva
Does the COPD assessment test associate to skeletal muscle dysfunction in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease? Tamires Daros dos Santos; Adriane Schmidt Pasqualoto; Felipe Fagundes Pereira; Everton Ludke; Aron Ferreira da Silveira; Isabella Martins de Albuquerque

Short Communication
Multi-level barriers faced and lessons learned to conduct a randomized controlled trial in patients with diabetes and prediabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil Lilian Pinto da Silva; Mariana Balbi Seixas; Ana Paula Delgado Bomtempo Batalha; Isabela Coelho Ponciano; Paul Oh; Gabriela Lima de Melo Ghisi

Systematic Review

Cardiorespir Physiother Crit Care Rehabil

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